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Dental surgery deals with surgical treatment of teeth, jawbones and soft tissues. These procedures are often carried out to prepare the patient for implant insertion.

All surgeries are performed in anaesthesia, therefore, they are entirely painless. The patients’ comfort is extremely important to us.

Atraumatic tooth extraction

At our dental clinic, we perform atraumatic tooth extraction using the achievements of microsurgery. This method gains particular importance before the implantation procedure. The extraction is carried out to minimize tissue disturbance, maximally protect bones, and not damage the alveolar process. During the procedure, the dentist uses a microscope, thanks to which he achieves extraordinary accuracy. As a result, postoperative wounds are smaller than after traditional  extraction, they heal faster, and the appropriate aesthetics is maintained.

Bone augmentation

In the case of bone atrophy, augmentation, i.e., bone reconstruction, should be performed. Augmentation is often used in implantology and makes the implantation procedure successful. The following reconstruction methods are used: controlled bone regeneration and lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus.

Controlled bone regeneration

Controlled bone regeneration uses bone-forming and bone substitute materials. These build the base for the bone tissue to regenerate and restore the bone defect. The surgeon cuts the gum and exposes the bone, and then applies the bone-forming material in the right place. Then a membrane is put on, which protects this place during the regeneration process. When the bone is reconstructed, the treatment area is reopened and covered with the gum.

Sinus lift

Another procedure performed before the implantation is lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus. It separates the sinuses above the upper teeth from the tooth roots. In this case, the bone-forming material is placed between the sinus bottom and the alveolar bone boundary. This thickens a patient’s bone, where implant can be placed safely.

Teeth extraction

Surgical procedures also include extraction of teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth. The tooth extraction is carried out in anesthesia, therefore a patient does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure (which is of short duration). X-ray picture is taken before the procedure. The dentist loosens the tooth in the alveolus, removes it, and then the place is sutured together. We always provide our patients with detailed postoperative instructions.

Root apex resection

We also perform root apex resection in our dental clinic. The procedure is performed when the periapical lesions exceed 10 mm or when an inflammation has developed at the apex of a dead tooth. The surgeon cuts the mucous membrane right at the apex, cuts out the sick fragment and a bone window. Then it is necessary to fill the canal with a bone substitute material.

Maxillary and dental surgery

Dental surgery deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathologies within the oral cavity. In this field, treatments are usually associated with surgical removal of wisdom teeth, implantation, cutting out the gingival hood, or frenulum undercutting in children. On the other hand, jaw surgery is a separate area of activity, which includes much more serious cases, such as surgical treatment of facial, oral, and cranial skeletal diseases. In the Titanium Dental Clinic in Gdańsk, all procedures are performed under local anesthesia. The comfort of our patients is our priority!

Dental surgery also supports other areas of dentistry, such as prosthetics, implantology, periodontology, and endodontics (root canal treatment). The most common dental surgery procedure in our clinic in Gdańsk is extraction, i.e., removing a tooth. We also offer comprehensive services on the borderline between maxillofacial surgery and dental surgery.

Our services

  • Tooth extraction

    tooth extraction using an atraumatic method, which makes the treatment minimally invasive and ensures faster and better healing.

  • Tooth extraction before implantation

    removal, collagen plug, membrane, and sewing.

  • Surgical lengthening of the crown

    removal of excess gum tissue to lengthen the appearance of the gums and sculpt the gingival line.

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