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Dental Prophylaxis Procedure – Guided Biofilm Therapy

Professional Dental Cleaning Procedure is one of many treatments offered in Titanium Dental Clinic. This prophylaxis procedure is recommended to all patients regardless the age or the condition of oral cavity. Thanks to regular prophy appointments the risk of decay and other periodontal disease is reduced to the minimum. In our clinic we use professional equipment Guided Biofilm Therapy which removes sediment from the teeth surface as well as detects and neutralizes biofilm which is harmful both for teeth and gums. As a result you can enjoy a healthy and clean smile additionally receiving recommendations about daily home care of your oral cavity.


GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY – prevention of decay and periodontitis, maintaining your oral cavity healthy

Protocols of guiding biofilm on teeth, soft tissues and implants based on scientific research:

  • The least invasive, the most preventive
  • GBT is the most modern protocol of hygiene focused on a patient
  • A special piezo ending without pain 
  • An original Swiss product created for an independent prophylaxis dental chair

Why GBT?

  1. Revolution in professional dental prophylaxis
  2. Healthy oral cavity = healthy patient
  3. Scientifically proven protocol = the best clinical results. GBT reduces the risk of decay, gum and periodontal area inflammation
  4. Patients prefer GBT. Nothing else matters. No more fear, no pain. No discomfort. Patients love GBT from the first procedure.  Especially children.
  5. Oral cavity medicine and prophylaxis are the future of dentistry. GBT is the future of prophylaxis.
  6. GBT is an astonishing experience and it makes good well-being. The state-of-art technologies are appreciated by patients.

GBT compass and its protocol in 8 steps:

  • Evaluation of teeth condition, diagnosis
    Checking oral cavity and detailed analysis of dentition starts the prophylaxis procedure with the use of Guided Biofilm Therapy. On this basis an initial evaluation of decay is possible as well as diagnostics of inflammatory conditions of gums and periodontal area. Further steps of the therapy are adjusted to them.
  • Disclosing the biofilm by dyeing
    A special biofilm disclosing agent is applied on teeth, around fillings, implants and orthodontic braces, through violet color it discloses  biofilm. It enables precise removal of biofilm and it also reveals the areas on teeth which are most frequently skipped while brushing.
  • Education of a patient
    A qualified dental hygienist shows a patient the biofilm visible on teeth pointing the areas of its biggest accumulation. It facilitates the guidelines of better brushing technique. The recommendations also concern a selection of a suitable tooth brush and an irrigator or an interdental brush.
  • Removal of biofilm, discolorations and dental plaque
    A dental hygienist removes biofilm, sediment and fresh tartar with the use of AIRFLOW® ending and high-speed suction ending. Biofilm is removed supragingivally, from  gums,  tongue,  palate, and also subgingivally up to 4 mm.
  • Profound biofilm removal in  gum pockets 
    This step is used to remove biofilm more efficiently from the patient’s mouth. A dental hygienist can get rid of biofilm from  4-9 mm gums pockets thanks to PERIFLOW® ending with depth markers. AIRFLOW®  PLUS ending enables to clean interdental areas too.
  • Removal of remaining tartar
    Remaining tartar up to 10 mm is painlessly removed supragingivally and subgingivally with PIEZON® NO PAIN PS ending. Thanks to a linear movement of the tool it is possible to remove tartar without any damage to teeth surface and soft tissues.
  • Final check
    A dental hygienist evaluates if disclosed tartar or biofilm was removed. On this stage precise diagnostics of decay is possible e.g. the one that has been exposed after tartar removal. The final checking is followed by application of fluoride to protect teeth
  • Scheduling recall appointments
    According to diagnostics and risk estimation a dental hygienist establishes an individual schedule of the next prophylaxis appointments for a patient. Depending on the condition of oral cavity their frequency can vary from 1 to 6 months.

22 applications of GBT

The purpose of GBT is :

    EMS Biofilm Discloser reveals the presence of early and mature biofilm. At the gumline mature, intact biofilm is visible – it is a result of an unproper brushing technique.
    Precise detection of decay requires clean teeth. In this case EMS Biofilm Discloser reveals the presence of biofilm interdentally and at the gumline. Finally GBT allows to notice advanced interdental decay.
    In case of early treatment of peri-implantitis AIRFLOW® removes biofilm supragingivally and subgingivally up to 4 mm. EMS Biofilm Discloser helps to decrease the time of the procedure. PERIFLOW® removes biofilm in the pocket around the implant up to 9 mm. In the end PIEZON® PI  ending removes remaining tartar. 

What does prophy procedure involve?

Professional dental cleaning procedure is a multi-stage treatment which is not possible to carry out while standard home brushing. The traditional prophy procedure involves:

  • Scaling – tartar removal
  • Airflow – removal of remaining sediments
  • Polishing – smoothening of teeth surface after cleaning
  • Fluoridation –  enamel strengthening and protection against decay

However thanks to GBT equipment prophylaxis procedure of teeth has additional properties. The function EMS Biofilm Discloser enables to reveal both early and mature biofilm on teeth. Biofilm is a complex, multicellular bacterial structure in a layer of organic and nonorganic substances which is difficult to remove singlehandedly. This layer is also predisposing to decay and infections. With the use of Guided Biofilm Therapy we can efficiently remove biofilm from the surface of your teeth and also instruct you about proper brushing and flossing of your teeth..

Professional dental cleaning – who is it recommended to?

Prophy procedure is a basis of regular prevention against dental illnesses and it is recommended to everyone regardless of the age. Thanks to the Guided Biofilm Therapy equipment it is possible to perform the procedure painlessly and non-invasively even on milk teeth. Professional dental cleaning should be carried out regularly, preferably twice a year, or at least once a year. The exact frequency will be established individually, considering individual natural predisposition. For example the people who drink coffee or tea every day, develop tartar much faster. The same deals with smokers,  tartar on their teeth is much heavier. Professional dental cleaning is an obligatory procedure before teeth whitening and during orthodontic treatment.

Professional dental cleaning – why is it worth doing it?

Prophy procedure has both health and esthetic properties. Sediment removal from the teeth surface brightens the enamel in the natural way, resulting in whiter teeth. Besides a better estimation of oral cavity health is possible, for example it is possible to detect decay lesions hidden under tartar. Thanks to the Guided Biofilm Therapy equipment it is possible to reveal unproper technique of brushing. Then specific methods and products for brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing can be recommended as they will provide you with healthy teeth and gums. Professional dental cleaning with the use of GBT is marked by shorter time of the procedure and painlessness. At the same time it is more precise than prophy procedures performed with the use of different equipment. It allows to clean both supragingivally and subgingivally in the pockets up to 9 mm deep. Dental pits and fissures as well as areas of orthodontic brackets can be reached. What is more, exposed dentin, root furcation and peri-implants area can be cleaned in a noninvasive way.

Professional dental cleaning – the cost of Guided Biofilm Therapy procedure

If you are interested in a complete prophy procedure the cost of this service in Titanium Dental Clinic accounts for 400 PLN. This price includes prophylaxis package with Guided Biofilm Therapy – professional, Swiss equipment the efficacy of which has been proven during the clinical research. The money spent on prophy procedure once or twice a year will help you protect yourself against much more expensive cost of decay or gum inflammation treatment. This way you take care of your oral cavity health on a long-term basis and additionally you obtain a regular check of enamel and gums.

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