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Welcome to the Titanium Dental Clinic, where a group of professionals makes their dreams of a beautiful smile come true. Can you imagine the effect after the metamorphosis? Tell us about it, and we will do our best to make your expectations come true! Our many years of experience combined with modern equipment and high-quality products is a guarantee of success.

Marcin Korn


Doctor-Dentist, graduate of the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Since graduation, he has been regularly improving his qualifications at courses and conferences, updating his knowledge with the latest reports from Polish and European experts. He puts particular emphasis on practical training to gain full surgical knowledge. In his work, he pursues high accuracy and precision of the procedure and an individual approach to the Patient. He puts great emphasis on the Patient’s comfort during the procedure. Usually he deals with conservative, endodontic and implantological-prosthetic treatment. He performs all procedures in magnification because his work is guided by the principle, „If you want to do something right, you must see it first.”.

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Konrad Szczerbiński


Doctor-Dentist, graduated from the Medical University of Gdańsk.

During his studies he was strongly associated with the Polish Dental Students’ Association. For 3 years he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Gdańsk branch i.e. taking the chair of the president. This enabled him to take part in several conferences and many workshops and trainings. He is continuously improving his qualifications as a dentist, dental surgery and aligners orthodontics are the fields he pays most attention to. In the Titanium Dental Clinic on a daily basis he deals with conservative dentistry in magnification and microscopic endodontics.

Apart from dentistry strength sports  are his passion- he trains triathlon taking an active part in tournaments at the national level.

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Katarzyna Leper

A certified dental hygienist with many years of experience in hygiene and assisting a doctor.

In addition, she is a graduate of the first degree course in Public Health, specializing in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
The knowledge gained there, and a holistic view of health problems are used in everyday work with the patient.

She is constantly expanding her knowledge by participating in courses and training on oral hygiene and dental prevention, and periodontal problems.

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Wanda Bielniak

A certified dental assistant with many years of experience in surgery, implantology, and dental prosthetics.

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Daria Stanisławska

She has been associated with the Titanium Dental Clinic since it was founded, and on a daily basis, she deals with patient registration and service.

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Marzena Różycka-Moczadło

She began the great adventure the moment the Titanium Dental was opened. In her daily work, she focuses on the needs of patients and the team. She also manages and organizes the work of the whole clinic.

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Our main goal is to comfort the patient and his satisfaction; therefore, we use the most modern treatment methods!