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Conservative dentistry


Cavity filling using aesthetic materials (price is the same for any size of cavity)

250 zł

Aesthetic reconstructions in the front section, extensive reconstructions in the lateral section.

350 zł

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Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of the effects of dental caries using restorations also referred to as fillings. In Titanium Dental Clinic, we emphasize that it is necessary to treat even the smallest cavities, which can develop into serious defects often requiring complex canal treatment or even extraction. We use only materials of the highest quality for filling the cavities. It facilitates obtaining the shape and colour of teeth that best resembles the natural ones. We know that conservative dentistry is also about the aesthetic value.

The patients of our dental clinic do not need to be concerned with pain. Thanks to modern anaesthesia, we prove that tooth filling does not have to cause discomfort.

Contact us to find out how we work and get acquainted with our price list of dental services.

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