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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of the effects of dental caries using restorations also referred to as fillings. In Titanium Dental Clinic, we emphasize that it is necessary to treat even the smallest cavities, which can develop into serious defects often requiring complex canal treatment or even extraction. We use only materials of the highest quality for filling the cavities. It facilitates obtaining the shape and colour of teeth that best resembles the natural ones. We know that conservative dentistry is also about the aesthetic value.

Patients in our dental clinic do not need to fear pain. Thanks to modern anesthetics, we prove that tooth filling does not have to cause discomfort.

Teeth treatment – anesthesia

We know that many people are very afraid of being treated by a dentist. That is why we offer our patients very effective anesthesia methods, thanks to which they will forget about the fear in the dental chair. If you are scared of the dentist, it is the best solution for you.

Is anesthetic tooth treatment the only solution?

It also happens that patients ask about the possibility of treating their teeth under general anesthesia, especially when it comes to surgery or other procedures that may take longer than average dental treatment. However, treatment under general anesthesia is not necessary. Thanks to modern forms of local anesthesia, treatment of teeth under general anesthesia is not necessary. At theTitanium Dental Clinic, we know that general anesthesia is a burden on the body, with possible complications and side effects. That is why we do not use it to ensure patient safety.

What do we do to avoid the treatment of teeth under anesthesia?

Above all, we try to overcome our patients’ fears by ensuring the right atmosphere in the clinic. Slowly, we make our patients get familiar with dental procedures and help them to relax. We always use modern local anesthetics, small doses of which give great results.

Why choose local anesthesia in the Titanium Dental Clinic?

We believe that treating teeth under general anesthesia is unnecessary because, with local anesthesia, pain can be entirely excluded. It works by blocking the conduction of pain impulses through the nerves to the brain. This means that the brain does not receive pain signals from a particular location. Also, local anesthesia works for one to two hours, afterwards (as with general anesthesia) a patient returns to proper functioning without giving up all duties.

We also take care of painless administration of anesthesia. In the Titanium Dental Clinic, the emphasis is on the greatest possible delicacy and care for a patient’s well-being. We believe that there is no point in risking the health and the risk of complications that are associated with treating teeth under general anesthesia. We choose safety, which goes hand in hand with effectiveness.

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Our services

  • Restoration of the cavity

    is made using aesthetic materials (the price is not affected by the size of the cavity).

  • Aesthetic reconstructions

    We make extensive restoration in the side and front sections.

Cerec Crowns

A dental crown on one visit is a convenient treatment available for you at the present. Come to an appointment and within one hour you will have a custom made, brand new smile.

Dental Implants- Implantology

What is a dental implant? A Dental implant – the most modern method of teeth restoration.There is no need to adjust the shape of neighbouring teeth through preparation which makes an implant a distinguishable solution. The implant can be described as a special screw of a specific shape, located in a selected place of the


A smile without dental cavities is not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all, it is beneficial for health.


Dental surgery deals with the surgical treatment of teeth, jawbones, and soft tissues.

Visits to a hygienist

Regular hygienic visits affect the quality and durability of every dental treatment and a beautiful and healthy smile.

Braces – Orthodontics

Proper relations between teeth are not only a beautiful smile, but also the proper functioning of joints and muscles that move the mandible.


Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, as well as the tissues surrounding and near the tooth.


One of the fastest ways to correct the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

The whitening is carried out under the supervision of a professional and qualified hygienist.