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Computed tomography – X-ray of teeth

3D computed tomography used in Titanium Dental Clinic allows to obtain a three-dimensional image with very high resolution. High quality image shows bones and soft tissues.

Use of X-rays in the treatment of teeth

X-ray imaging is a frequent element of diagnostics in various fields of medicine. It is no different in the case of dentistry, in which it becomes indispensable in the case of precise imaging of all elements of the mandible, jaw and surrounding tissues.

Tooth X-ray allows for the assessment and determination of developing tooth decay, the presence or absence of tooth buds, impacted teeth, or other pathological changes in the area of the oral cavity. It is also often recommended when various facial injuries occur to check whether more serious damage is present.

There are two types of X-ray used in the treatment of teeth:

  1. pantomographic X-ray picture – allowing to obtain an image of the entire dentition: its position, the condition of individual teeth, as well as their rooting. It is an extremely helpful tool in the dentist’s work, especially at the stage of planning further treatment of the patient.
  2. cephalogram – it is necessary in effective orthodontic treatment, especially at the stage preceding braces application. Thanks to it, the analysis of malocclusion becomes much more straightforward. It gives an image not only of teeth, but also of surrounding tissues.
  3. spot X-ray picture- the most detailed; gives an image of up to four teeth. Its use is most ordered commissioned in the case of root canal treatment planning, the occurrence of inflammation, or assessment of the current condition of the implants.

X-ray examination usually takes about a few minutes and, thanks to the reduced radiation dose, makes CT scan a safe and minimally invasive examination.

Our services

  • X-ray area of 2-4 teeth

  • X-ray of the entire jaw or mandible

  • X-ray of the jaw + mandible

Cerec Crowns

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Dental surgery deals with the surgical treatment of teeth, jawbones, and soft tissues.

Conservative dentistry

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Visits to a hygienist

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Braces – Orthodontics

Proper relations between teeth are not only a beautiful smile, but also the proper functioning of joints and muscles that move the mandible.


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Teeth whitening

The whitening is carried out under the supervision of a professional and qualified hygienist.