You are closer to us than you think. Distance does not matter.

If you are ready for a beautiful and healthy smile, distance is not a barrier. We will prepare a treatment plan for you, organize accommodation reservations, and stay in the clinic. We will also provide you with comfortable and safe transport from the airport. During your stay, you will be under the care of a team of dentists, who will step by step realize your metamorphosis and turn your expectations into a reality. And in your free time, we encourage you to visit the heart of Tri-City.

Gdańsk will delight you not only with its old architecture and proximity to the sea, but also with modern buildings, cafes, restaurants, and parks full of greenery.

How does it work?

We prepare a plan to implement dental treatment. We organize accommodation booking and stay in the clinic. After landing, we provide transport from the airport. During the stay, we guarantee the care of a team of dentists. We plan the treatments in such a way that the patient can easily visit the city.

  • Treatment plan and schedule

    After a thorough examination, the attending physician draws up a treatment plan. Then he establishes a schedule of visits together with its detailed valuation. Thanks to this, we can accurately estimate the number of visits, their time, and cost.
  • We organize booking and transport

    Once your treatment plan is accepted, you can book flights and arrange for your arrival. We help to organize accommodation in the Tri-City. After receiving the information about the exact date of arrival, we will ensure collection from the airport.
  • Implementation of the treatment plan

    Performing dental procedures according to the schedule of previously planned visits.

Combine the metamorphosis with pleasure and see Gdańsk - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

The beautiful old town, narrow streets, cafes, a promenade by the Motława River, proximity of the beach and the sea - these are just a few of the attractions worth visiting Gdańsk. The climate of the seaside town is amazing, and history is intertwined with modernity. You will find here a respite and many opportunities to spend your free time.