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Dental services at the highest level – Titanium Dental Clinic located in Zaspa, Gdańsk guarantee perfectly performed dental procedures at attractive prices. While creating the price list below, we have taken into account the most popular treatments – for more information about the costs of other treatments in our clinic, please contact us today.

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Dentistry is our passion – an individual approach and understanding of your needs, along with many years of experience in the profession, will undoubtedly make you leave our clinic with a beautiful smile. Our prices are selected according to the quality that comes first with us.

We provide a full range of dental services in our clinic. The unrecognized part of treatments is priced individually in the clinic after a thorough examination of the patient.

The price list is for reference and does not constitute a commercial offer to understand the law. Each treatment is priced and adjusted individually to the patient’s needs and abilities.


  • Prosthetic or implantological consultation

    200 PLN
  • A detailed dental examination with photographic documentation

    200 PLN
  • Small intraoral image

    50 PLN
  • Panoramic image

    120 PLN

Computer tomography

  • Area of 2-4 teeth

    200 PLN
  • The entire jaw or mandible

    270 PLN
  • Jaw + mandible

    470 PLN

Professional Dental Cleaning ( Prophylaxis Procedures)

  • Scaling (ultrasound breaking removal of tartar)

    190 PLN
  • Air polishing (removal of deposits and discolorations from tooth surfaces)

    190 PLN
  • Air polishing and scaling ( professional dental cleaning package )

    270-370 PLN
  • Teeth whitening

    from 1000 PLN

Conservative dentistry

  • Restoration of the cavity using aesthetic materials

    from 250 PLN
  • Aesthetic restoration in the front section, i.e., composite veneer

    700 PLN

Root canal treatment, each time using a microscope during 1 to 2 visits:

  • Incisors

    800 PLN
  • Canines and premolars

    800 PLN
  • 3- canal molars

    1050 PLN
  • 4-canal molars

    1200 PLN
  • Root canal re-treatment

    300 PLN added to the introductory price
  • Removal of broken tool

    500-1000 PLN
  • Reconstruction of a tooth after root canal treatment

    500 – 700 PLN


  • Full-ceramic prosthetic crown

    1850 PLN
  • Ceramic veneer

    2000 PLN
  • Root post

    700 PLN


  • Tooth extraction – tooth extraction using an atraumatic method which makes the procedure minimally invasive and ensures faster and better healing

    350 – 500 PLN
  • Implant extraction

    500 PLN

Removal of the wisdom tooth:

  • upper

    from 350 PLN
  • lower (the most challenging tooth to be removed)

    from 500 PLN


  • Implantation

    from 2700 PLN
  • Tooth restoration on the implant

    3000 PLN
  • Controlled bone regeneration

    from 1500 PLN
  • Sinus Lift

    from 2500 PLN


  • We perform a full range of periodontal treatments procedures, including: subgingival scaling, root planning, recession coating, mucosal-gingival treatments


  • Consultation

    150 PLN
  • Diagnostic models and photos

    200 PLN
  • Orthodontic treatment plan

    150 PLN
  • Treatment with invisible ORTHERO trays:

  • – Small malocclusions such as crowding or diastema

    from 4000 PLN
  • – Complete orthodontic treatment

    from 8000 PLN
  • Classic orthodontic braces

    individual pricing