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Panoramic picture of teeth – Diagnostics and X-ray diagnostics OPG, CT, RVG

Diagnostics and x-ray diagnostics are a key to start effective dental treatment. They are very important to us and we always emphasize their significance in contacts with our customers. Making a correct diagnosis is facilitated by our modern equipment and expertise. The treatment plan is based on solid grounds.


Pantomography (OPG or simply a pantographic image) is one of the most popular control examination. By its performing, an extremely accurate and comprehensive assessment is achieved of:

  • teeth,
  • roots,
  • gums,
  • mandible,
  • temporomandibular joints,
  • maxillary sinuses.

Above all, the panoramic photo of the teeth shows the invisible changes during a regular examination and the correctness of the previously performed root canal treatment or removal of wisdom teeth. It allows for accurate detection of supernumerary  teeth or buds of unerrupted  teeth (including those of wisdom once) and an initial assessment of bone level and size of caries.

To obtain a panoramic picture of the teeth, a standing stance examination is performed. It is fast, painless, and comfortable.

The indications for pantomography include, i.e.:

  • any jaw injuries, including mechanical once,
  • periodontal diseases,
  • developed tooth decay (or teeth); it will be visible in the picture in the form of striking bright spots,
  • probability of occurrence of teeth that have been impacted or qualified for removal,
  • necessity to prepare patients for dental implant surgery.

However, it should be remembered that the pantomogram is not a real picture of the area under study. It is enlarged by about 15 percent so that some areas may not be captured in the panoramic picture.

Radiographic images

RVG, or radiovisiography, is an intraoral X-ray image that is recorded in a digital form. It is one of the most modern methods of taking pictures, thanks to which the dentist can easily obtain material for the analysis of the presence of diseases and the specificity of the patient’s bite. The panoramic RVG picture is more accurate than the picture on film, it lasts only a few seconds, and the picture can be accurately analyzed on the computer screen at any angle.

The course of such examination is simple. It involves of inserting a special sensor into the patient’s mouth. After a few moments, the doctor sees a picture on the screen, which can be adjusted to the examination’s needs. Processing of RVG photos allows for easy brightening or dimming. Additionally, radiovisiography allows you to take as many pictures as you actually need. This would be extremely difficult and time-consuming for a traditional X-ray.

Another distinguishing feature of the RVG test is the minimal radiation dose compared to the standard examination, making it extremely safe. Even if the examination has to be performed several times, the accepted amount of X-rays radiation will be much lower than in the case of traditional X-rays.

Our services

  • Initial examination

    Detailed examination with photographic and written documentation about the condition of the oral cavity.

    intraoral image.
  • Control examination

    is performed after 6 months from the end of treatment.

  • Individual prosthetics

    designing a comprehensive prosthetic, implant-prosthetic, and aesthetic treatment.

  • Small panoramic image

  • Panoramic image

    general image of the oral cavity.

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