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Diagnostics and X-ray Diagnostics OPG, CT, RVG

Diagnostics and x-ray diagnostics are a key to start effective dental treatment. They are very important to us and we always emphasize their significance in contacts with our customers. Making a correct diagnosis is facilitated by our modern equipment and expertise. The treatment plan is based on solid grounds.

Panoramic radiography (OPG) is one of the most popular check-up examinations. It shows teeth, roots, gingiva, mandible as well as temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. Panoramic image of teeth demonstrates lesions that ordinary examination does not reveal as well as the correctness of previously performed canal treatment or eighth tooth extraction. It facilitates the detection of extra teeth or buds of unerupted teeth as well as initial evaluation of bone level and caries intensity. Panoramic radiography
In order to obtain a panoramic image of teeth, the examination is performed in standing position. It is fast, painless and comfortable.


RVG, i.e. radiovisiography, is an intraoral x-ray image that is recorded in digital form. RVG is more accurate than x-ray image on film, it lasts only a few seconds to take it and the image can be thoroughly analysed on the computer screen at any angle.
It is characterised by low dose of radiation compared to standard examination, which makes it exceptionally safe.

Our services

  • Detailed examination

    with photographic and descriptive documentation of oral health status

    100 zł
  • Follow-up examination

    6 months after the completion of treatment

  • Complex prosthetic treatment

    implanto-prosthetic treatment and aesthetic treatment planning

    individually agreed at the clinic
  • Small image, intraoral

    30 zł
  • Panoramic image

    70 zł


Implants are recommended by dental offices as the best existing solution in the case of tooth loss.


A smile without missing tooth is not only aesthetically pleasant but most of all healthy.


Dental surgery deals with surgical treatment of teeth, bones of the jaw and soft tissues.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of the effects of dental caries using restorations also referred to as fillings.

Root canal treatment

Following the latest standards of worldwide endodontics, in root canal treatment we use special mechanical tools and a system of filling canals with warm, liquid gutta-percha.


The proper contacts between teeth result not only in a beautiful smile but also come from the appropriate function of joints and muscles which move the lower jaw.

Computed tomography Gdańsk

3D computed tomography used in Titanium Dental Clinic allows to obtain a three-dimensional image with very high resolution.