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Visits to a hygienist

Regular professional dental cleaning visits affect the quality and durability of every dental treatment and a beautiful and healthy smile.


Teeth air flowing is a complement to scaling, which we also do in our clinic. Its purpose is to remove tartar and prepare teeth for air flowing and fluoridation. It is a great procedure, which can stop the development of bacteria harmful to oral health by removing the accumulated tartar. We remove dental deposits by means of ultrasounds – it is a very effective and safe way. We emphasize that tartar cannot be removed on its own with a toothbrush or dental floss. A visit to the dentist’s office is necessary to have it removed.

How do we perform the teeth air flowing procedure?

Tooth air flowing is performed with a special sanding machine and powder with water, which are applied to the teeth under pressure. They even penetrate difficult to reach places and interdental spaces. After the treatment, the sand is suctioned by means of a suction cup. All these activities last about 30 minutes. The treatment is painless, but sensitive patients may experience gum irritation. It is addressed to people who drink a lot of coffee and tea, smoke cigarettes, have heavily crowded teeth or wear braces. Air flowing should also be done before teeth whitening. This is a prophylactic treatment that should be carried out regularly, every six months or so.

What to do after the air flow procedure?

For full protection and health of teeth we strongly recommend fluoridation to strengthen the enamel. It is also important to refrain from smoking cigarettes and dark drinks: coffee, tea, wine, or colored juices. To make air flowing effects as durable as possible, it is worth remembering proper oral hygiene.

Teeth air flow – Gdańsk is a city where we take care of your teeth comprehensively.

Scaling and air flowing – benefits

Scaling and air flowing are extremely effective prophylactic measures, allowing our patients to:

  • remove deposit and discoloration from their teeth,
  • completely eliminate accumulated tartar, which may cause damage to teeth.

Additionally, the teeth gain a snow-white color, which is an extremely desirable feature of our patients’ dentition. However, this is not all – the substances used for these treatments contribute to the reconstruction of the tooth surface. The calcium-sodium phosphosilicate contained in them provides the teeth with essential minerals, thanks to which they are healthier and more durable.

We recommend scaling and air flowing once every 6 months. Thanks to this, patients can be sure that they are preventing the development of bacteria, diseases of teeth and gums, as well as obtaining a satisfactory appearance of their whole dentition.

Does it cause pain?

Many patients may have the impression that the procedure might cause pain while performing it. It is worth knowing that scaling and air flowing treatments are completely painless, but they may cause some discomfort in some cases. We are talking about patients who are struggling with hypersensitivity of their teeth. It should be remembered that in case of exceptional discomfort, it is possible to perform these procedures in local anesthesia. Scaling and air flowing teeth in Gdańsk, in Titanium Dental Clinic, are performed during one visit. This is a very convenient solution which, as you can see, positively influences both a patient’s health condition and the speed and quality of the results obtained.

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