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Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, as well as the tissues surrounding and near the tooth.

Periodontology in Titanium Dental Gdańsk – comprehensive medical care for your oral cavity

Periodontology provides professional assistance in case of unpleasant diseases within the oral cavity. Let us remember that underestimated periodontal diseases can even lead to tooth loss! The alarm signal for treatment is the inflammation inside the oral cavity, caused by bacteria resulting from significant caries losses. or a layer of tartar covering the teeth. Germs in the oral cavity lead to excessive production of acid, which adversely affects the dental enamel.

When is it worth going to the periodontist?

The most characteristic symptoms of periodontal diseases include bleeding gums (also during brushing!), an unpleasant smell from the mouth (as well as an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth), visible exposure of the dental cervixes, and the painful sensitivity of the gums to touches and heat and cold.

What contributes to periodontopathy?

The key to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is proper dental prevention. The following factors may lead to dangerous periodontal diseases:

  1. improper oral hygiene,
  2. unsuitable, sugar-rich but mineral- and vitamin-poor diet,
  3. hormonal changes,
  4. use of stimulants (smoking, consumption of alcohol, and large quantities of coffee).

Periodontology – visit our dental office and let the highest class specialists take care of your oral health.

How to treat periodontitis?

The treatment of periodontosis can be divided into phases, during which the disease is different from the patient’s health. The first phase is the moment when patients can stop the further progress of the illness by themselves. The initial symptoms can be stopped by:

  • Improving oral hygiene; not only brushing (we recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles because of the gums’ sensitivity) and dental floss and suitable mouthwash. This ensures that even the most inaccessible area is cleaned and disinfected. This will prevent further bacterial growth.
  • Removal of accumulated tartar by a dentist or hygienist.
  • Reduction of stimulants that affect the formation of plaque more quickly. This includes smoking and drinking strong coffee or tea.

However, if we ignore the possibility of stopping periodontosis early, a dental treatment with a periodontist will become necessary. The changes taking place in the periodontium and gums have destructive results, leading to a serious inflammation and a significant exposure of the tooth neck (or several teeth). After gaining access to sensitive areas in the dentition, bacteria present at such an advanced stage of periodontosis may start to damage them. The effect may even be the loss of teeth. A visit to a periodontologist is the first step to enjoy a healthy smile.

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