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Orthodontics deals with treatment of bite deficiencies. The proper contacts between teeth result not only in a beautiful smile but also come from the appropriate function of joints and muscles which move the lower jaw. It often happens that a change of smile is a change of facial features. A beautiful smile makes your face beaming. How important is a beautiful smile for you?

In our clinic we treat patients with traditional orthodontic braces but also with Invisalign system. Check what we can do for you to improve your smile.

Invisalign is a transparent appliance which straightens teeth. Forget about metal elements on your teeth. Modern dentistry lets treat patients with invisible trays being both comfortable and efficient.

The treatment starts with an exact diagnosis based on models of teeth, photos of face and X-ray photos. After insightful analysis the orthodontist presents the patient with the treatment plan and together with the patient chooses the kind of appliance. During the whole treatment the patient is taken care of by the leading dentist and our hygienist.

With the use of advanced technology of 3D images, in Invisalign method a complete plan of teeth straightening is created. The plan includes shifts from the initial to the desirable position basing on Invisalign Doctor recommendations.

A set of aligners is custom-made. The aligners are adjusted to individual needs of particular patient and they gradually shift the teeth. Each aligner from the set is worn for about two weeks and is exchanged into a new one till the desirable bite is obtained. The treatment plan with Invisalign method is prepared by a doctor according to individual patients’ needs.

Invisalign aligners are almost transparent. Nobody will even notice clear, smooth Invisalign trays on your teeth, that’s why you can wear them in every situation and every day.
The aligners can be taken off so there are no limitations of eating and drinking any products. They can be taken off to brush and floss the teeth to maintain the proper oral hygiene.
Unlike the traditional, fixed orthodontic braces the aligners have neither brackets nor wires. It means that you spend less time on appointments with the doctor’s treating you with Invisalign method.
Invisalign method enables us to see the final effect and the whole treatment plan before its beginning.

Our services

  • Orthodontic consultation

    100 zł
  • Diagnostic models

    100 zł
  • Designing of orthodontic treatment

    100 zł
  • Metal brace - 1 arch

    2000 zł
  • Cosmetic brace - 1 arch

    2800 zł
  • Cosmetic self ligatouring brace - 1 arch

    2900 zł
  • 3500 zł
  • Hyrax / Hass brace

    800 zł
  • CD modeler

    750 zł
  • Lip bumper

    400 zł
  • GMD brace

    700 zł
  • Correction of second classes disorders

    400 zł
  • single jaw brace

    500 zł
  • Upper and lower jaw brace

    800 zł
  • Braces removal - 2 arches + 2 retention braces + finish diagnostic models

    1000 zł
  • Control of braces - 4-6 weeks

    120-170 zł
  • Control of removable brace - 6-8 weeks

    50-100 zł
  • Control of Hyrax / Hass brace

    70 zł
  • Control of retainer

    70 zł
  • Invisaling

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Implants are recommended by dental offices as the best existing solution in the case of tooth loss.


A smile without missing tooth is not only aesthetically pleasant but most of all healthy.


Dental surgery deals with surgical treatment of teeth, bones of the jaw and soft tissues.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of the effects of dental caries using restorations also referred to as fillings.

Root canal treatment

Following the latest standards of worldwide endodontics, in root canal treatment we use special mechanical tools and a system of filling canals with warm, liquid gutta-percha.

Computed tomography Gdańsk

3D computed tomography used in Titanium Dental Clinic allows to obtain a three-dimensional image with very high resolution.