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Braces – Orthodontics

Orthodontics deals with treatment of bite deficiencies. The proper contacts between teeth result not only in a beautiful smile but also come from the appropriate function of joints and muscles which move the lower jaw. It often happens that a change of smile is a change of facial features. A beautiful smile makes your face beaming. How important is a beautiful smile for you?

The orthodontist starts the treatment with an accurate diagnosis based on tooth models, facial images and X-rays.

After a thorough analysis, the orthodontist presents the treatment plan and, together with a patient, chooses the type of orthodontic appliance. Throughout the entire treatment, a patient is under the care of the attending doctor and a hygienist. Using advanced 3D imaging technology, the SPARK method creates a complete plan for straightening the teeth, taking into account the shift from the initial to the desired position based on the doctor’s recommendations.

A set of aligners specially adapted to a particular patient’s teeth is prepared, which gradually moves the teeth. Each set is worn for about two weeks and replaced with new ones until the desired teeth setting is achieved. The orthodontist prepares the SPARK treatment plan based on the individual patient’s needs.

SPARK aligners are almost transparent. No one will even notice the transparent, smooth SPARK aligners on your teeth so that you can wear them in any situation, every day.

The aligners are removable, so there are no restrictions on the products you can eat and drink. They can also be removed for brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene.

Unlike traditional fixed metal braces for teeth, the transparent aligners have no brackets or wires. This means less time spent on visits to the dentist who carries out SPARK treatment.

SPARK also provides an opportunity to learn about the plan and the final effect of the treatment even before it begins.

Fixed orthodontic braces

Fixed metal braces are used mainly to treat malocclusion in adults and children, who already have all their permanent teeth. It is used to correct bite defects, thanks to which it influences the aesthetics of a smile. Wearing permanent orthodontic braces can also reduce pronunciation defects. It also reduces the risk of dental caries and gum disease. Fixed orthodontic braces works out well both for beauty and health. Furthermore, permanent braces are no longer a reason to be ashamed of, but a fashionable element to boast about. Fixed braces can be selected ideally to suit your needs, thanks to the variety of available models. There are traditional metal braces with colorful ligatures as well as very discreet aesthetic braces. This allows everyone to find something for themselves!

Discreet aesthetic orthodontic appliances

Porcelain orthodontic braces have brackets in a milky color similar to their teeth, which makes them almost invisible. It guarantees high aesthetics and discretion if you don’t want your braces to be visible. Porcelain orthodontic braces are also resistant to damage. Permanent self-ligaturing orthodontic braces are available in metal and cosmetic versions. It is a very convenient type of permanent braces because it requires fewer visits to the orthodontist compared to the standard model, equipped with tabs or precison attachements, thanks to which friction is smaller and therefore it is less painful. These fixed braces also makes it easier to take care of oral hygiene.

Cosmetic braces (sapphire)

Cosmetic braces, also called sapphire, are popular orthodontic solutions created for the most demanding patients. It differes from traditional braces because instead of classic metal brackets, they have brackets made of ceramic crystal, which is almost entirely transparent. Thanks to that, the appliance is practically invisible at first glance. In terms of construction, they are very similar to orthodontic solutions known for many years. Sapphire brackets are stuck to teeth with a special glue and then connected with a metal arch.

A definite advantage of such a solution is that it is much more difficult to notice the cosmetic appliance, which has a positive impact on the patient’s comfort and confidence. The main disadvantage of cosmetic devices should also be remembered – due to the specific nature of the material used, the risk of possible cracks and damage increases. Together with the necessity of possible repairs, the patient’s treatment may be longer than in the case of the traditional solution.

Why is it worth wearing braces?

Bite defects are a common problem both in children and adults. Consultations are carried out at all ages for prophylactic, aesthetic, and health reasons.Misaligned teeth lead to pathological changes in dentition and occlusion, which can be eliminated using appropriate orthodontic appliance. In adults, changes in the jaw and teeth area may appear, radiating towards the temples, causing headaches. Other ailments include breathing difficulties, speech, and chewing disorders. Crooked teeth make hygiene difficult as the deposit gets into places that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush or floss.

Healthy, straight, and white teeth are one of the most important face aesthetic qualities. Gdańsk and its inhabitants are aware that a radiant smile affects self-esteem, adds self-confidence, and ensures mental comfort in social and professional relations.

Braces – it is not a shame anymore, but a trend!

Who would have thought a few years ago that wearing braces would become fashionable? Our offer includes treatment with classic, metal braces and the Invisalign aligners, which are transparent. The latest dental trends allow for effective treatment of malocclusion and a discreet appearance of orthodontic appliance.

What is involved in the first visit to the orthodontist and the treatment process?

When choosing a dentist’s office, it is worth consulting and getting acquainted with the offer. The specialist’s friendly atmosphere, professionalism, and friendliness are the priorities during a visit to our facility in Gdańsk. During the consultation, the doctor conducts an interview and then, based on the dental models, facial image, and X-rays, makes a professional diagnosis. Next the doctor starts a reliable analysis and presents the current condition and a treatment plan. At this stage, a patient decides about the choice of the orthodontic appliance. During the treatment, we provide the care of the attending doctor and a hygienist.

Invisalign system – transparent orthodontic aligners

Thanks to advanced 3D technology, the modern SPARK method, and skilled medical staff, orthodontics has gained new quality. Patients, who associated braces for teeth with a sense of shame and a conspicuous metal structure on their dentition, saw a chance to improve bite defects. Based on the pictures, SPARK arranges a comprehensive outline of the straightening therapy, taking into account their displacement from their current position to the correct one. What is interesting, the effects of the treatment can be found out even before it starts!

The treatment consists of an innovative method based on transparent aligners, the role of which is to straighten teeth gradually, without the need to use fixed or removable orthodontic braces. The aligners are almost invisible, aesthetic, and easy to use. Their application is painless and comfortable to wear. They do not cause discomfort during a conversation. Unlike classical braces for teeth, this method does not use any wires or brackets. An individual set of so-called aligners is prepared for each patient, which gradually moves the teeth. Every 2 weeks, the aligners are replaced with new ones until the desired effect is achieved. They can be removed at any time, which facilitates oral hygiene and food consumption.

What kind of braces to choose?

Here at our clinic, we advise you on the best solution for your case, which includes:

  1. Fixed orthodontic braces – used mainly by adults and children who have permanent teeth. Its task is to correct malocclusion and improve speech defects. It also contributes to reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. We have many models – from metal braces with colorful ligatures to discreet and aesthetic types.
  1. Porcelain braces – a model similar in its color to the color of teeth, thanks to which it is hardly visible. It is characterized by high resistance to damage.
  1. Fixed self-ligaturing orthodontic braces – available in metal and cosmetic versions. It is comfortable to use and does not require such frequent visits to the doctor, as in the case of traditional braces. Thanks to tabs and precision attachements, friction is reduced, and pain is not so annoying. With this model, oral hygiene is much easier.
  1. Cosmetic (sapphire) braces are a type of braces designed for the most demanding patients. Instead of classic metal brackets, it has elements made of ceramic crystal, almost entirely transparent.

The brackets are fixed with a unique adhesive and then connected with a metal arch. This disadvantage of this solution is a high risk of cracking or damaging the material used, which may prolong the treatment process.

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