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Cerec Crowns

A dental crown on one visit is a convenient treatment available for you at the present. Come to an appointment and within one hour you will have a custom made, brand new smile.

During only one appointment we use the latest CEREC System. It contains Primescan intraoral scanner which is supposed to scan all your teeth in a few minutes. Thanks to it we avoid traditional unpleasant impressions with impression material. There is also Primemill milling machine which enables designing and creating the substructure of a new prosthetic replacement. And the system also includes Speed Fire furnace which is in charge of covering your crown with porcelain matched to you and the colour of your teeth.

Modern digital dentistry includes creating durable and tighter prosthetic replacements at the dental chair without the necessity of additional appointments.

Make an appointment right now. We will replace any tooth loss and you will have a full and healthy smile within one hour.

What is it all about?

  • Consultation and teeth preparation – teeth are being prepared for the procedure of making an individual crown.
  • Scanning of a lower and upper jaw with 3D Primescan – previous, uncomfortable impressions with the use of impression material are replaced with digital impressions which are a base for further procedures.
  • Designing and processing the image obtained in the Cerec System – preparing an individual design adjusted to the patient’s needs
  • Exporting the design to the Primemill milling machine – the device immediately cuts out a prosthetic crown of the proper colour and shape which ideally match each patient’s teeth. Preparation of the whole crown takes only one hour.
  • Crown make-up and final effect fixation in Speed Fire furnace – individual coloring of the crown which mimics all the details of the other teeth. Next the effect is permanently fixed at high temperature.
  • Tooth loss replacement with a new and beautiful crown – now you can continue to enjoy life and use the goods it gives us.
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