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A smile without missing teeth is not only aesthetically pleasant but most of all healthy. Complete dentition allows for preserving normal chewing and biting function. Luckily, modern prosthetics is able to help people who have lost a tooth.

Replacement teeth such as full-ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns, bridges, or onlays restore the dentition, delighting with their naturalness and beauty.

A crown is a visible part of the tooth, mostly a decisive element of an attractive smile. If it is extensively damaged, it should be replaced with a prosthetic crown. It is fixed on the natural root of the tooth or a previously inserted implant. It is a permanent restoration, which provides excellent comfort of use.

In our dental clinic, we recommend full-ceramic and porcelain crowns with high durability and resistance. Full-ceramic crowns are made entirely of pure ceramics. This material is characterized by high translucency, which affects the extremely natural appearance of the replacement. They are used primarily in the front section of the upper and lower jaw.

Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns on a zirconium substructure, just like full-ceramic crowns let light through, are one of the most frequently used prosthetic restorations. What is more, a porcelain crown perfectly imitates a natural tooth, and it is extremely difficult to notice the differences between them. They can be easily placed on both healthy teeth and those after endodontic treatment.

The use of an extremely aesthetic material, which is porcelain, provides a patient with very satisfactory results.First of all, it guarantees the reconstruction a much higher strength than in case of a replacement made exclusively of ceramics. Secondly, we can confirm that such porcelain crowns give much better results in terms of the effect achieved – the restoration is almost undetectable, thanks to the fact that the applied material acts in a very similar way to natural enamel.

Our offer also includes porcelain crowns on a metal base, which are also highly durable, but do not guarantee such an aesthetic result. It results from the applied substructure – if you take a good look at the gum line, you will see a slightly darker line. This may cause some discomfort among some of our patients, therefore it is recommended it in the lateral part of the dentition. However, it should be remembered that in extreme cases, the metal base of the crown may cause allergic reactions.

Home care of porcelain crowns is extremely simple, and most importantly, it is no different from the way natural teeth are cleaned. However, it should be remembered that special attention should be paid to brushing teeth at the point of the crown margin, because this „borderline” is most exposed to plaque build-up. To sum up – the porcelain crown is extremely easy to keep clean, just remember the above guidelines.

Dental bridges

At our dental clinic in Gdansk, we make full-ceramic, porcelain, and zirconium oxide bridges. This type of restoration is very comfortable for a patient, perfectly imitates natural teeth, and at the same time significantly improve smile aesthetics.

If a patient suffers from a much greater lack of teeth, choosing a bridge that restores from one to several teeth next to each other is the best solution. The dentist places crowns on the previously prepared abutment teeth, i.e., those surrounding the gap. They are connected by a pontic, which forms the bridge.

Replacements such as bridges or porcelain crowns are also placed on implants (replacements on implants) after fully healed and grown together with the bone. Such a solution is characterized by high stability, and there is no risk of displacement or falling out of the bridge. Bridges on implants are durable and resistant to damage.

At our dental clinic in Gdansk, we make all-ceramic, porcelain, and zirconium oxide bridges. This type of restoration is very comfortable for the patient, perfectly imitates natural teeth, and at the same time significantly improves the aesthetics of the smile.

Tooth veneers are a reliable and non-invasive way to mask small smile imperfections. These thin chips of porcelain or composite attached to the front of the tooth cover discolorations or unevenness. Porcelain veneers are a durable and safe method to achieve stunning results.

Onlay fillings

In the Titanium Dental Clinic, we also use onlay fillings ideally suited to the patient’s needs. They work perfectly well when the cavity is extensive. They are created basing on an impression taken from a previously prepared tooth, thanks to which they perfectly restores its shape with grooves and cusps . Such reconstruction strengthens the tooth, is more challenging than a classic filling, and also helps in maintaining hygiene.

Removable dentures

When it is not possible to use a permanent restoration, there is still a choice of removable denture. There are several types of such dentures, which we select individually for each patient.

A thermoplastic denture is one of the best solutions. They do not lead to bone atrophy, because they do not rest on the gums, but have comfortable, flexible attachments. They are perfect for people prone to allergies. They can be perfectly matched to the color of teeth and gums.

There are also skeletal dentures created on a durable metal base. On the other hand non-clasp dentures do not have uncomfortable and visible clasps, but they have precision attachments, latches or magnets.

In the Titanium Dental Clinic, your dentist will choose a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

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Our services

  • Full-ceramic prosthetic crown

    is used when all or part of a tooth is lost. It is fit over in the place of damage.

  • Prosthetic crown on metal base

    is used in case of destruction or abnormal development of the tooth crown.

  • Ceramic veneer

    the procedure is used, i.e., for changing the shape of teeth, changing the length of a crown, or discolorations.

  • Inlay, onlay, ceramic overlay

    Fillings that allow a large part of the patient's tooth to be preserved

  • Inlay, onlay, composite overlay

    treatment applied to defects cavities caused by, e.g., decay.

  • Crown-root post (metal)

    post made of metal which a crown is fixed to

  • Crown-root post (zirconium)

    fixing the tooth in the alveolus. It is an alternative to metal posts.

  • Fibreglass post

    it is a composite used during root canal treatment.

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