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Implants are recommended by dental offices as the best existing solution in the case of tooth loss. They ideally imitate natural dentition thanks to their structure restoring tooth root and materials of which they are made. Tooth implant means comfort, confidence and safety that will accompany you throughout your lifetime.

In Titanium Dental we use implants with undeniable quality. We use Ankylos and Astra implantology systems, Atlantis patient specific abutments and Simplant system.

With us, your smile will regain its beauty. Implantology allows for the improvement of the quality of life you will appreciate.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant – the most modern method of filling in defects in teeth. Its distinguishing feature is the lack of need to adjust the shape of adjacent teeth by grinding. The implant can be presented as a special screw of a specific shape, located in a selected place of the jaw bone. Then it is the crown of the tooth that is placed on it. Thanks to it, it is possible to maintain the teeth’ current position, as the implant successfully replaces the tooth both in terms of appearance and functionality. After its introduction and appropriate reconstruction, the patient can chew and chew the food again without any problems.

Importantly, the dental implants made in Titanium Dental are completely safe for the patient’s health due to the material used, which is pure titanium. This material is completely biocompatible (it does not cause any allergic reactions to the human body), and today, it hardly ever happens to cause any harm.

However, to properly insert an implant, it is necessary to carry out a detailed interview of the patient’s general state of health. It is also necessary to perform an oral examination, a panoramic picture of the teeth, and a computer tomography.

The Ankylos system, thanks to TissueCare Concept, allows for long-term preservation of hard and soft tissues. Its aesthetics and exceptional stability distinguish it, and what is connected with it – safety. The solution used in the Ankylos system leads to the stabilization of soft and hard tissues, which remain healthy. It also guarantees the absence of micro-motions and stops the growth of the bacterial layer. Moreover, the implant has a micro roughneck, which positively affects the bone formation processes.

Our dental clinic also offers the Astra implantology system – viral, universal, and appreciated by dentists. Many years of research confirmed its durability and stability, thanks to which dental implants are distinguished by exceptional predictability, safety, and aesthetics. Astra Tech implants accelerate bone healing. The size is adjusted to the patient’s needs.

The Atlantis fittings we use in Titanium Dental were created for the individual patient. It is currently the best prosthetic solution adapted to all the most popular dental implant systems. They connect the prosthetic crown with a screw, matching the form to the tooth’s future shape. They provide appropriate conditions for healing soft tissues, and at the same time, are extremely aesthetic. They allow achieving natural effects with full functionality.

Implantology allows improving the quality of life that you will appreciate.

Durability of the dental implant

The durability of the dental implant used is a puzzling aspect for many patients. To dispel any doubts, we can guarantee that it is undoubtedly the best solution when it comes to replacing a natural tooth. In the case of using an implant finished with a prosthetic crown, the time to keep it in the best possible condition (both functional and aesthetic) depends on many factors. However, the most important of these remains proper oral hygiene. If the patient pays special attention to this issue, the implant will look great and prove extremely durable. At the end of each procedure, the Patient receives a set of advice on how to maintain the best possible appearance of the new implant.

Price of a dental implant in Gdansk

The treatment with an implant is not among the cheapest, but it is worth every penny. The effect obtained with its help is extremely aesthetic and almost impossible to distinguish for outsiders. We encourage you to read the price list of services provided by Titanium Dental specialists. However, it should be remembered that the exact valuation of all actions depends on the specific condition of the patient’s dentition. We invite you to contact our office to obtain information and answers to all questions concerning implantology.

Dental implants – whole jaw

Patients with a complete lack of teeth will probably be pleased to know that it is possible to rebuild the whole jaw on even 4-5 tooth implants. The most crucial stage of metamorphosis is to reconstruct the missing tooth roots to create the possibility of installing dental bridges. The price of restoring the whole jaw on dental implants depends on many factors. We invite you to pay a visit and an individual valuation!

Our services

  • Insertion of an implant

    dentition-free restoration.
  • Tooth restoration on the implant

    treatment for single dentition defects.

    from 2600zł
  • Controlled bone regeneration

    a procedure used for bone defects that occur after tooth loss.

    from 1000zł
  • Lifting the maxillary sinus base

    a procedure used before implantological treatment to rebuild the jaw bone.

    from 1500zł

Cerec Crowns

A dental crown on one visit is a convenient treatment available for you at the present. Come to an appointment and within one hour you will have a custom made, brand new smile.


A smile without dental cavities is not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all, it is beneficial for health.


Dental surgery deals with the surgical treatment of teeth, jawbones, and soft tissues.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry treats the effects of tooth decay using restorations, also known as fillings.

Visits to a hygienist

Regular hygienic visits affect the quality and durability of every dental treatment and a beautiful and healthy smile.

Braces – Orthodontics

Proper relations between teeth are not only a beautiful smile, but also the proper functioning of joints and muscles that move the mandible.


Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, as well as the tissues surrounding and near the tooth.


One of the fastest ways to correct the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

The whitening is carried out under the supervision of a professional and qualified hygienist.