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Implant insertion

from 2500zł

Tooth reconstruction on implant

from 2600zł

Controlled bone regeneration

from 1000zł

Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus

from 1500zł

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Implants are recommended by dental offices as the best existing solution in the case of tooth loss. They ideally imitate natural dentition thanks to their structure restoring tooth root and materials of which they are made. Tooth implant means comfort, confidence and safety that will accompany you throughout your lifetime.

In Titanium Dental we use implants with undeniable quality. We use Ankylos and Astra implantology systems, Atlantis patient specific abutments and Simplant system.

With us, your smile will regain its beauty. Implantology allows for the improvement of the quality of life you will appreciate.

In order to insert an implant it is necessary to obtain a detailed medical history regarding general health status of the patient. It is also necessary to perform oral examination, obtain panoramic image of teeth and CT scan. 

Implant insertion is planned using Simplant, that is the interactive 3D System of Implant Treatment Planning. Thanks to this we act precisely and reliably obtaining the intended effects. Simplant lets the dentist plan implant arrangement. Using the system shortens the time of the procedure and makes it safe. The procedure itself is performed in local anaesthesia and the healing time is from 6 to 12 weeks.

Ankylos implant system allows for maintaining hard and soft tissues in good state on a long term basis thanks to TissueCare Concept. It is distinguished by its aesthetics and exceptional stability, and, therefore, safety. The solution used in Ankylos system leads to the stabilisation of soft and hard tissues, which remain healthy. It guarantees prevention of micromovements and accumulation of bacterial plaque. What is more, the implant has a microporous neck, which positively influences the bone-forming processes.

Our dental clinic also offers Astra implantology system, which is very popular, universal and valued by dentists. Its durability and stability has been confirmed by long term studies, which makes implants highly predictable. Astra Tech implants ensure aesthetics and safety. Additionally, they accelerate bone healing and they are available in many different sizes.

Atlantis abutments that we use in Titanium Dental are created for individual patients. Currently, this is the best prosthetic solution adjusted to the most popular implant systems. They connect the prosthetic crown to the implant screw adjusting its form to the future shape of the tooth. They ensure proper healing conditions for soft tissues and they guarantee excellent aesthetic effects. They provide natural visual effects with full functionality.

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