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Root canal treatment – frequently asked questions

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Root canal treatment is a procedure usually performed under anaesthesia, which makes it completely painless.

How long does root canal treatment last?

The duration of treatment depends on the type of tooth being treated, the root structure and other conditions in the oral cavity Provisionally, root canal treatment in the case of a tooth with 3 or 4 roots (e.g. sixth tooth) can last about 1-3 hours. Sometimes the treatment process requires more visits.

Why is root canal treatment so expensive?

Many factors affect the cost of treatment:

  1. Modern endodontic treatment – root canal treatment requires expensive instrumentation.
  2. The treatment process requires several to a dozen or so specialised, precision titanium-nickel tools in various sizes. These are expensive tools from renowned companies that are used in the best dental offices in the world. Their maximum lifespan covers several procedures, however, it happens that after one use they get damaged in the dental canal.
  3. Root canal treatment requires taking approx. 3 x-ray images.
  4. Root treatment requires the use of many chemical preparations that support the durability of the treatment effect.

Does root canal treatment guarantee success and maintenance of the tooth for many years?

Root canal treatment is effective in about 96% of cases and ensures the maintenance of the tooth for a long period, however, the dentist is not able to give the patient a definitive guarantee of the effect. The dentist takes responsibility for a proper, state-of-the-art process of treatment.

What are the most common causes of failure?

Failure of root canal treatment most often results from the construction of a tooth, and, in particular, its roots, which may make it impossible to perform certain treatment procedures in a fully effective manner. Sometimes, even with a properly conducted procedure, due to the condition of the body’s immune defences or systemic infections, complications may occur.

Is it better to remove the tooth?

Despite the possibility of failure, taking the risk of treatment and bearing its costs is fully justified. Removal of a tooth is a much more expensive choice with more profound consequences. The cost of putting an artificial root in place of the removed tooth, i.e. an implant and the restoration of the tooth crown on it costs at least several thousand PLN. Failure to restore the missing tooth will cause irreversible changes within a few years affecting several teeth adjacent to the gap.


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