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Individual Treatment Plan


1. Diagnosis

A visit during which the doctor examines the patient and determines the state of his/her mouth and teeth. An OPG shot is taken, along with X-rays and dental imprints that will be needed throughout the treatment process.

2. Treatment plan and cost analysis

After a close inspection of your teeth, the doctor prepares a treatment plan including a list of procedures and their cost. If possible, the plan may be prepared during the first visit.

Treatment plan and cost analysis
Scheduling procedures

3. Scheduling procedures

Once you have accepted the proposed treatment plan and its cost, the registration desk will sign you up for the relevant procedures. Depending on their quantity, as well as the number of prostheses and predicted healing time, a specific number of procedures is scheduled within a given time.

4. Conclusion

Once the treatment has been completed, the doctor presents and discusses the end result.


5. Follow-up

In order to guarantee results that will last many years, our staff will surround you with long-term care. Our secretary will make sure you remember to show up for your follow-up visits every six months, so that the doctor can check the quality and functionality of completed treatment. The doctor will also examine untreated teeth for the presence of caries bacteria. Our hygienists are available to ensure appropriate teeth and gum hygiene and help you learn how to properly brush and floss your teeth.

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