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Crown is dental restoration fabricated in a laboratory. It can be fitted on an own tooth or implant. It faithfully reproduces the anatomical shape of a tooth damaged by caries, broken or subjected to root canal treatment. It allows for the correction of shape and colour of the tooth and its position in the dental arch.

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The detachment of a large tooth fragment and carious cavities visible in the picture are indications for fitting a crown.


Tooth has two protective layers – enamel and dentine, which protect its vascularised and innervated part – the pulp. To make a crown it is necessary to remove the first and part of the second layer and replace it with a new one – the crown fabricated in the laboratory.


Apart from beautiful appearance imitating the natural tooth, the crown forms a new tooth protection shield resistant to bacteria that cause caries.



With the crown, you can change the shape of the tooth and get a beautiful, natural colour matched to your other teeth