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10 recommendations after tooth extraction

What should be done after tooth extraction?
1. Keep the applied tampon in your mouth for half an hour.

2. Do not eat or drink until the anaesthesia effect wears off – minimum for two hours.

3. Eat only cold food and drink only cold liquids for two days.

4. Do not drink through a straw for 48 hours.

5. Do not smoke for 24 hours.

6. You can put cold compresses on the cheek in the area of the extracted tooth

7. Brush your teeth on the same day but omit the site of the extracted tooth. Do not touch the wound with anything. After brushing your teeth spit out the paste foam but do not rinse.

8. Do not rinse your mouth with anything for two days. After this time you can start rinsing your mouth with a rinsing liquid indicated by your dentist. Remember to do it very carefully not to rinse the clot out.

9. Restrain from strenuous physical effort for 48 hours, e.g. strength work-out, lifting

10. Oedema may occur after tooth extraction. In case of other alarming symptoms, contact the dental office.