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All-ceramic crown

1600 zł

Crown with metal substructure

1000 zł

Ceramic veneer

1700 zł

Ceramic inlay, onlay, overlay

1700 zł

Composite inlay, onlay, overlay

1600 zł

Crown-root inlay (metal)

1000 zł

Crown-root inlay (zirconium)

550 zł

Glass-fibre inlay

600 zł

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A smile without missing tooth is not only aesthetically pleasant but most of all healthy. Complete dentition allows for preserving normal chewing and biting function. Luckily, modern prosthetics is able to help people who have lost a tooth.

Dentures such as all-ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers or onlays restore dentition, delighting with their natural looks and beauty.

Crown is the visible part of a tooth that largely determines the attractiveness of a smile. When it becomes significantly damaged it must be replaced with a prosthetic crown. It is mounted on the natural root of the tooth or a previously inserted implant. It provides a permanent restoration which ensures excellent comfort of use.

Our dental clinic offers all-ceramic crowns and porcelain crowns of excellent durability and resistance. All-ceramic crowns are entirely made of pure ceramics. This material is characterised with high transparency, which results in exceptionally natural appearance of the denture. They are mostly used in the front of the maxilla and mandible.


Porcelain crowns with zirconium substructure, similarly to all-ceramic crowns, let the light through and thus ideally imitate natural teeth. Zirconium oxide provides the restoration with better durability than in the case of denture made entirely of ceramics. There are also porcelain crowns with metal substructure, also characterised with high durability.

If a patient has more missing teeth, the best solution is a bridge, which restores from one to several adjacent teeth. A dentist mounts crowns on previously ground pillar teeth on both sides of the gap. They are connected with spans that form a bridge.

Dentures such as bridges or porcelain crowns can also be mounted on implants after complete healing and integration with bone. This solution is characterised with high stability and there is no risk of denture dislocation or falling out. Denture mounted on implants is durable and resistant to damage.


Our dental clinic in Gdańsk offers all-ceramic bridges, porcelain bridges and bridges with zirconium oxide substructure. This type of restoration is very comfortable for the patient, perfectly imitates natural teeth and significantly improves the beauty of your smile.

Veneers are a reliable and non-invasive method of masking small imperfections of the smile. These thin flakes of porcelain or composite are mounted to the front surface of a tooth to hide discolourations or irregularities, Porcelain veneers provide a durable and safe method of obtaining glamorous effects.

In Titanium Dental, we also use onlay restorations ideally tailored to the patient. They are perfect for large defects. They are made on the basis of a previously collected impression of a prepared tooth thanks to which they perfectly recreate its shape with fissures and cusps. Such restoration strengthens a tooth, is harder than classic restoration and helps maintain hygiene.

When it is not possible to use a permanent restoration, there is the option of a removable denture. There are several versions of this type of dentures that we select individually for each patient.

Thermoplastic dentures constitute one of the best solutions. They do not cause bone shrinkage because they are not rested on the gingiva and they have comfortable, flexible brackets. They do not contain metal elements, which makes them perfect for allergy-prone persons. They can be excellently adjusted to the colour of teeth and gums.

Skeletal dentures are also used, based on a stable metal substructure. In turn, bracketless dentures do not have uncomfortable and visible brackets, instead have clasps, covers or magnets.

In Titanium Dental, your dentist will recommend the best solutions, perfectly adjusted to your needs.

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